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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Playpay ?

Playpay is multi features platform form gamers to meet their team mates , build their community as well as grow their own career as a Star, as a Manager of Team or tournament, as a Game Athlete or just enjoy and get new friends .

What are the Features ?

Gamers Profiling

  • Gamers can show their skill and profiling their achievement and get endorsement from people you played or known before.
Game Zone
  • Game Discussion (Character, Item , Game Play )and get promotion directly from the game publishers
Clan & Squad
  • Build your own team management to be next pro team
Social Media
  • Share your status and meet others gamers , fame yourself
  • Get your benefits by joining a clan and the higher rank of your clan can get better price
  • You could join , create and organize your tournament
Playpay Star
  • Enjoy and support your Playpay Star Game Play as well as build your Playpay Star career
Playpay Partner
  • Playpay Game Net Partner, Playpay Corner , Playpay Brand Partner

How to increase my Rank in profiles ?

  • You need to active to play in playpay tournament and playpay funmatch
  • Your skill and achievements will be automatically increase/decrease by numbers of win or lose

How to create a clan ?

  1. - Go to your account
  2. - Create a clan , by choosing the clan name, insert your clan logo, inviting members

How to create a squad ?

  • 1. You have to own a clan
  • 2. You only can recruit your team squad from your clan members

Can I registered in two clans or two squads ?

No, because 1 Playpay user can only join in 1 clan/squad, you could leave your clan to join other clan if you want.

How can I increase my Clan Rank ?

Battle Point, Donate Point and Merchants Point are contributing in upgrade the rank of your clan .

What is the benefit from higher clan rank ?

You will get different benefits in shops based on your clan rank.

How can I join the tournament ?

You need to have a Team squad , then you could join registered your team squad into the tournament

How to create a tournament ?

You need to propose your tournament for approval, then you could organize your tournament.

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Story Behind The App

Christine Gunadi “Start from the love of Game and Technology, and admiration to peoples that lives with game to rule of his life to fulfil their dream with the jobs they like as the origin founded of PLAYPAY.

Unite with Strong Team Lead by Erwin, Core on Mario, Build by Edi the Tech Maestro, We Construct our Dream to Build the Smart Platform commune the gamer, game activator , esport management and every entity that lives in this game industry in one revolutionaries and unique platform .

Started from INDONESIA, FOR INDONESIA, together we conquer the world as the best in this Industry. For INDONESIA RAYA - MERDEKAAA


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